Bowling Fundraisers

Thunderbowl’s fundraiser season runs on select days and times from January – December. It takes at least 8 weeks to promote a successful fundraiser. Your next fundraiser at Thunder Bowl will make thousands of dollars for your organization if you follow a few simple steps. Since June 1999, we have helped groups like yours raise over $500,000. It’s time you get your share. There are many unique advantages to hosting a Thunderbowl Bowling fundraiser.


  • Our fundraisers are fast, easy and fun to do.
  • You won’t get stuck with any unwanted inventory.
  • You’re not encouraging people to buy something they really don’t want.
  • You don’t have to buy, store or deliver any product.
  • Our fundraisers never get rained out.
  • We supply everything you need. (No need to borrow your friend’s golf clubs.)
  • You don’t need to be an official 501c3 non-profit to host a fundraiser.
  • Thunderbowl! becomes an active partner helping you plan, promote and host a popular fundraiser.
  • Our events are social. People enjoy the camaraderie, otherwise known as “the party atmosphere.”
  • From scrawny to brawny, anyone can bowl. Toddlers all the way to seniors.
There are 3 revenue streams in our highly profitable, turn-key fundraiser:
  • Sponsorships
  • Donations
  • Raffles / Silent Auctions

Each bowler secures a minimum amount of sponsorship dollars to be able to bowl.

We suggest $25 – $50. You are free to determine the price point for your event’s sponsorship. Kids typically solicit parents and relatives. Adults solicit relatives, friends and co-workers. Part of their sponsorship money will cover their bowling fees. The rest of the money goes to your non-profit. Depending on what day of the week and time of the year, the cost of 3 games and shoes varies. We’ll explain that a little later. Some non-profit organizations solicit lane sponsors to pay for the bowling on a lane by lane basis. A 20 lane event would have 20 lanes sponsors who collectively would cover all of the bowling costs. This leaves all of the bowlers’ sponsorship money for the non-profit.


This is crucial. Prizes from donated items should be awarded to create an incentive for bowlers to go above and beyond your sponsorship minimum. The most money raised by a bowler gets first choice from your prize vault. The second most raised gets second choice, and so on. Having donated items will significantly raise your gross earnings. Donations are relatively easily to obtain. Thunderbowl frequently donates to fundraisers as a way of increasing traffic and encouraging sampling. Most businesses see these obvious benefits.

Raffles / Silent Auctions

Another easy way to increase revenue is to hold a 50/50 raffle or silent auction during your bowling event. A silent auction has no State restrictions and has a huge potential of making big dollars for you. Raffle off donated items.


If you have 20 people in your group, multiply your participants. Don’t let your 20 volunteers all bowl together. Ask each to recruit a team. An easy, popular way to build teams is to have your core volunteers recruit 2 couples to join them for a night of bowling. That’s 6 people X 20 lanes (120 people!) working for your cause.

Thunderbowl has 24 lanes with a total capacity of 144 bowlers Plus party rooms for food and raffles.

A successful fundraiser only requires a few key volunteers. Some volunteers could manage more than one job:

  • A chairperson to oversee the event
  • 1-2 people to solicit donations from merchants
  • 1-2 people to sell 50/50 raffle tickets during the event and oversee the silent auction table
  • 1-2 people to handle the money (2 is better for security purposes)
  • 1-2 people to guide bowlers to their pre-assigned lanes

Assuming you have just 20 volunteers who each recruit a team of 6 you would have 120 bowlers. Your gross from a $50 minimum sponsorship from each bowler would be $6,000. If your event was held in June, on a Thursday night, and Thunder Bowl charged each guest $9 for 3 games and shoes (a $5.00 discount) (food extra), your organization would net $4,920 just from bowling. This does not include all the money you will be making from donations, raffles and silent auctions.


Make sure everyone knows Thunderbowl is smoke-free. This is huge. You will absolutely increase your participation if people know they will be bowling in a smoke-free center. A lot of people will tell you they are coming and then don’t show up. Selling tickets and getting your money upfront works best, but is not required. If you choose to sell tickets, don’t discourage walk-ins.
Your start time is not your arrival time. Frequently other parties are scheduled right after your event. If people come in late, they may not be able to finish. Please insist your bowlers arrive early to register, get shoes, find a ball, etc. The Alley Grill has banquet rooms you can use before or after to eat and hold your raffle to increase revenue, Due to State laws, absolutely no outside food or beverages are allowed. Please don’t ask. We have a full-service restaurant and will be happy to help you out on food. We enjoy planning parties and being creative. We’ve hosted Mexican-themed fundraisers with a huge taco bar, margarita and Corona specials and capped off with the dreaded “Sombrero of Shame.” It’s a hat worn by the person who throws a gutter ball and passed on to the person who throws the next gutter ball. Trust me. It was a lot of fun.

Thunderbowl will help you as much as possible to make sure you have a fun and profitable fundraiser. It’s good business and responsible community citizenship. When your event is successful, you’ll come back. Repeat customers are the foundation of any business and community give-back is the cornerstone of our business plan.